GM: KEY code by dump

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For Opel, Vauxhall, Chevrolet, Holden, Buick models ICC can calculate KEY cutting code by dump. This can help you in cases when all car keys are lost and you don't want to change all car's locks.


To calculate mechanical KEY cutting code you need to locate and read dump from (depend of car model):


BCM - 93C86
Comfort - MC9S12XET256
Immo Box - TMS370C702, MC68HC05B6, MC68HC08AB16A





Set type of calculation method to DMP2KEY and browse for a dump file. In few seconds ICC will calculate a KEY code for using with computerized key duplicators with "Cut to Code" function.



IMMO Siemens (located near ignition):


locate and read TMS370C702 or HC908AB16A



IMMO Siemens (located near ignition):


locate and read 68HC05B6



BCM Delphi:


locate and read 93C86




Comfort Module GM 94741791:

locate and read MC9S12XET256



And other electronic units...