Immo / Key code for KIA & Hyundai models

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Various models of KIA & Hyundai with 4, 5 and 6 digit PIN codes are supported by ICC.


PIN code for immobilizer can be calculated by VIN for models with SMARTRA 2/3 ICM and by dump of EEPROM for all other models.



In addition ICC can calculate keycode by VIN for KIA 2001-2015 models and Hyundai 1986-2015 models.


For some modifications of Kia Clarus, Shuma, Mentor 2, Sephia 2, Sportage, Carnival, Pride, Sedona, Carens, Rio and other vehicle models made in June-December of 1999 with Texton immobilizer you can use last 5 digits of VIN as immobilizer PIN code, where "0" may be be replaced by "1" or "2" in dependencies of car model, VIN or date of production.


For models made in Russia - immobilizer code is same as KEY code, example: KEY code - K1234, PIN code - 1234 or 01234 or 001234 or 123400 depend of car model and type of immobilizer.


Default Immobilizer PIN code for SMARTRA is "234567" and "2345" for Shin Chang type of ICM.