KIA & Hyundai: PIN code by VIN

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For KIA and Hyundai models with SMARTRA immobilizer ICC can calculate 6 digit code by VIN.



To calculate a code for SMARTRA-2 immobilizer you need to enter last 6 digits of VIN. SMARTRA-2 system was used on vehicles made till 11 May 2007, all newer vehicles are equipped with SMARTRA-3 system.


Set type of calculation method to VIN2PIN and enter required data. In few seconds ICC will calculate a PIN code for immobilizer programming. Software may show two codes if full VIN is entered: 1st one for models with SMARTRA-2 (pre 11/05/2007) and 2nd one for models with SMARTRA-3 (after 11/05/2007) if available.


For KIA and Hyundai 2007-2015 models with SMARTRA-3 immobilizer you can calculate PIN code by full VIN (all of 17 chars). Covered WMIs are 200, 201, 5NM, 5NP, 5XX, 5XY, KM8, KMC, KME, KMF, KMH, KMJ, KMY, KN3, KN4, KNA, KNC, KND, KNE, KNF, KNG, KNH, LJD, MAL, MHX, NAB, NLH, NLJ, PL8, TMA, U5Y, U6Y, XWK, Z94.


For Hyundai Assan (HAOS) 2000-2015 models made in Turkey, WMIs are NLH and NLJ you can calculate a PIN code by full VIN.


For not supported cars you need to calculate PIN code by dump.


For some of the models made in Russia - immobilizer code is same as KEY code, example: KEY code - K1234, PIN code - 1234 or 01234 or 001234 or 123400 depend of car model and type of immobilizer.