Land Rover: PIN code by dump

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To calculate immobilizer code you need to locate and read dump from (depend of car model):


BCU - 93C66, 68HC11P2, 68HC11PH8, 68HC11KA4, MC68HC05B16, MC68HC05B32



Set type of calculation to DMP2PIN and click "Calculate" button, then select a dump file. ICC will show a PIN code and VIN or ID of electronic module if available.


To calculate keys password or ISN by dump of EWS / DME for Land Rover models based on BMW platforms select BMW as brand.


In some cases ICC may calculate two codes as shown on picture, first one for using with diagnostic equipment and second one to enter by driver door key. On this example code for diagnostic equipment is "4C86", and code to enter by door key is "4-12-8-6".



BCU Land Rover:


locate and read 68HC11PH8 / P2, EEPROM area

from 0xD00 to 0xFFF or from 0xD80 to 0xFFF



BCU Lucas:


locate and read MC68HC05B16


BCU Lucas:


locate and read MC68HC05B32



Valeo Box (left side, near pedals):


locate and read HC05B



And other electronic units...