Switching USB mode

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To switch operational mode of a dongle you need to use ICC Dongle Tool. You can find it on CD or download from support area of web site.


Connect ICC dongle to USB port, install drivers if required, and run ICC Tool. If dongle is recognized - you will see a hardware ID of dongle. Click "Get Information" button.


Select "HID mode" if you want to use dongle without additional drivers or "USB Mode" if you will use dongle with drivers, then press "Switch Mode" button.



After that you need to remove ICC dongle, wait 5 seconds and plug it back.


Please note: If your computer have poorly powered USB ports - you need to switch dongle to USB mode or insert dongle in self powered USB hub (with external power). Do not use passive - bus powered USB hubs with dongle switched to HID mode because they can not provide enough power.


Note for Windows 7 users: you need to run ICC software with administrative privileges if dongle was switched to USB mode. Right-click the program and select "Run as administrator". Or select "Properties" then "Compatibility" tab and set checkbox "Run this program as an administrator".