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KEY code for Chevrolet & Opel
For Chevy 2000-2010 models made in Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil) ICC can calculate a keycode by VIN. For all other General Motors models ICC can calculate mechanical key cutting code by dump of EEPROM. This can help you in cases when all car keys are lost and you don't want to disassemble or change car's locks in order to make new keys.

ICC - Key Code Calculator for Chevrolet
Just enter a VIN and ICC will calculate a key cutting code for using with computerized key duplicators with "Cut to Code" function. Supported WMIs are 3G1, 3GY, 8AG, 93C, W0L. Supported KEY prefixes are 1, D, H, S, Z.

To calculate KEY code by dump you need to locate and read (depend of car model and year):

  • BCM - 93C86
  • Comfort - MC9S12XET256
  • Immo Box - TMS370C702, 68HC05B6, MC68HC08AB16A

Five various EEPROM structures (electronic units and their modifications) for GM models are supported by current version of calculator.