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KEY code for Nissan & Infiniti
For Nissan and Infiniti 1998-2013 models made in USA and Mexico ICC can calculate a keycode by VIN. This can help you in cases when all car keys are lost and you don't want to disassemble or change car's locks in order to make new keys.

ICC - Key Code Calculator for Nissan and Infiniti
Just enter a VIN and ICC will calculate a key cutting code for using with computerized key duplicators with "Cut to Code" function.

Supported WMIs are 1N4, 1N6, 3N1, 4N2, 5BZ, 5N1, 5N3, 5Z6, JN1, JN6, JN8, JNK, JNR.

Approximate number of supported by VIN 1998-2013 vehicles (by factories):

  • USA - 8 200 000
  • Japan - 4 200 000
  • Mexico - 2 100 000

More than 14 millions of Nissan and Infiniti cars are covered.