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PIN code for Rover Group
ICC can calculate 4 digit EKA (Emergency Key Access) code for most models of MG Rover and Land Rover by dump of EEPROM from Immo Box and BCU (Body Control Unit). At least following vehicle models are supported:

  • Land Rover Discovery, Freelander, Range Rover and others..
  • Rover 25, 45, 200, 216, 220, 420, 620, MGZR, MG7 and others..
ICC - Immobilizer Code Calculator for Rover
To calculate EKA code by dump you need to locate and read (depend of car model and year):

  • Immo Box - HC05B8/16
  • BCU - 93C66, 68HC11P2, 68HC11PH8, 68HC11KA4, MC68HC05B16, MC68HC05B32

For Land Rover models ICC will calculate two codes if require, first one for using with diagnostic equipment and second one to enter by driver's door key.

Eight various EEPROM structures (electronic units and their modifications) for Rover Group models are supported by current version of calculator.