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Immobilizer PIN code and
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Additional Equipment

EEPROM Programming
For reading and calculating codes by dump with ICC we recommend following manufacturers of EEPROM Programmers: - Conitec Datensysteme GmbH is a German company founded in 1985. They are manufacturers of such professional field EEPROM Programmers as GALEP-3, GALEP-4, GALEP-5, GALEP-5D.. - Xeltek Inc is a manufacturer of SuperPro universal programmers and various Socket Adapters. Such universal programmers as SuperPro 3000U, SuperPro 580U, SuperPro 280U, SuperPro LX, SuperPro Z.. - Elnec is a producer of such device programmers as BeeProg, BeeProg+, SmartProg-2, SEEprog, MEMprog, MEMprog-2, PIKprog-2, LabProg-48, JetProg and various socket converters.. - Elrasoft is a manufacturer of UPA-USB Device Programmer, UUSP - Serial Programmer, UPA-USB Logic Analyzer. Low cost software and hardware solutions.. - ETL is Engineering Technical Laboratory, they have developed a lot of programming and decoding tools. Such devices as ETSmart USB, TMS370 Programmer, ETSmart-4, programmers for Motorola MCU.. - Willem Eprom Programmer is very good device for affordable price. It supports various eeprom and flash types. Many of socket adapters are integrated in one device.. - TMT is a developer of XPROG-m microcontroller and memory programmer. It supports Motorola MCU 68HCxx, Texas Instruments TMS370/374, various ATMEGA, Serial EEPROM and more.. - Lanconelli Open Systems, you can find here simple but powerful PonyProg-2000 serial device programmer. It's well enough in most cases for everyday use or as backup device.. - BPM Microsystems is a manufacturer of various universal engineering device programmers, such devices as 1710, 1610, 1410/240, 1410/84.. - Scorpio LK is a producer of programming devices for memory schemes and microcontrollers, their well known products are Orange 5 and Omega..