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Powerful, friendly in use
and ready for integration

Brief Overview

Ready For Integration
ICC dongle is based on most secure EAL5+ certified Smart Card chip and operates in USB HID mode - driverless. ICC dongle can be updated remotely, new algorithms can be programmed to dongle via internet or locally using dongle update utility:

ICC Dongle Tool
Three types of ICC dongles are available - micro, standard with integrated 1GB flash drive and 2GB drive. They are almost the same - security functions are identical. Standard dongle have built-in 1 or 2 GB flash drive and micro version of dongle have smaller size but have no flash memory available for user:

ICC Micro Dongle ICC Flash Dongle 1GB ICC Flash Dongle 1/2GB
You can use ICC dongle in such projects as web/wap/sms server for PIN code calculations, client-server application or standalone software like programs for ECU reprogramming and diagnostics or even for key duplication machines or transponder programming devices. All of code calculation algorithms are stored in dongle and can be executed from your own software using simple API calls. For example, function for calculating PIN code from PC program looks like this one:

PinCode = CallDongle(NATS_ICU,Serial);
printf("Immo Code is: %d\n", PinCode);

As well we can add your own secure algorithms to ICC dongle. Furthermore, possibly to use hardware based cryptographic algorithms built in dongle, such as DES, 3DES, AES, RSA; hash algorithms such as MD5, MD2, SHA1 and any others software based cryptographic algorithms and hash functions. Dongle's CPU working frequency is a 16Mhz and we reserve 10KB of memory for loadable modules - you can use this space to store your secret algorithms and cryptographic keys. Dongle's memory is rewritable - i.e. you can update or change your executable module in dongle. This is well enough for any solutions.

Also we can offer ICC as dynamic library (dll) for using all of ICC features in your own projects. Just write your own GUI (Graphical User Interface) and simple call ICC's code calculation algorithms using provided API.

Please note: ICC API and all other sources or part of code for implementation of ICC functions with third-party products are available as special option for device manufacturers only.