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Immobilizer PIN code and
mechanical KEY code calculator

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Full Version of ICC
OEM package includes ICC dongle programmed with all available code calculation algorithms. Retail boxes and printed documentation will be available soon.

Please note: third-party services and solutions are not included in the full version, they are available for extra charge.

Orders are accepted only from auto locksmiths who fully understand how to use our product and for what purposes it was intended.

At least minimal level of the knowledge about car electronics, immobilisers and transponders are required for using ICC.

If you planning to calculate codes by dump - you need to have various EEPROM programmers and know how to use all of them, how to open electronic units, desolder and read EEPROM / MCU / FLASH.

Please do not order product if you don't meet this requirements or don't have enough experience for such work - it will be useless for you.