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Immobilizer PIN code and
mechanical KEY code calculator

Software Updates

Technical Support
For technical questions such as installing of drivers, switching dongle between HID / USB mode, checking of installed modules and adding of new modules, examples of PIN code calculation and photos of electronic units - please use built-in help (press "F1") or online help. User's Guide is also available in PDF format.

You can find latest releases and previous versions of ICC software in support section. Enter dongle's serial number as your user name and your e-mail address as password. Run ICC software and press "Information" button to see hardware serial number and registered e-mail address, example:

Login:   01234567-89ABCDEF   (serial number of your dongle - upper case)
Passw:   (your registered email address - lower case)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or experience any problems using ICC software or accessing this web site.

Planned Updates
ICC plalform is closed, last version is 2.1.2. Please login to download. In order to use all of new features you may need to install hardware update files also.